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I taste like the dreams of mad children . . .

Bella J.
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I taste like the dreams of mad children . . .

I love to read and write both slash and het fiction. I’m active in many fandoms and very passionate about what I’m into. I also have a tendency to collect random factoids and research everything.

I’m a romantic at heart, and love a happy ending. I want to believe in the unbelievable. I’m doggedly loyal to those who are part of my world.

I'm very open minded and love everyone, I wont ever judge you. I'm also genuinely interested in what your opinions are and what you have to say. I'm all for friendly debate and discussion because I love learning new things.

I hate drama and fan-wank of any sort. I go out of my way to avoid it; if you try and drag me into it things will get ugly. You do not want to take me on.

There will be spoilers here, and mostly they will be under a cut and fair warning will be given. Every now and again my excitement will get the better of me, but I do my best. So, no worries for spoilerphobes!

Friends Lock Info

All of my fan fiction is publicly posted.

I'm an easy friender. So just comment and say "Hi!" Tell me who you are and where I might know you from, you know the drill. As long as you're not an evil spam-bot, I'll generally friend you back.

The Golden Rule: what is said under F-lock stays under F-lock. So, if I know you in RL I don't want to hear about something I wrote about from, say, your kid sister or your pet lizard should it become sentient. Nor do I want to go to your LJ and have someone's comment to one of my F-locked posts pasted there. Use common sense and its all blue skies.

This is not the place to wage a ship war. You start fanwanking and you're banned, no questions asked. Respect my space and I'll return the favor.

If I've written an essay about fandom or something that you'd like to link back to or have me open for the public, let me know and I'll probably do it.


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